Paper Submission Instructions

Paper submission is open NOW!!

Authors are invited to submit their papers via the Conference Management Toolkit (CMT)
website sponsored by Microsoft. Please login using your existing login or register if you are a new user.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Paper Submission
Step 1. Go to the paper submission website:
Step 2. You’ll see the dialog box below. If you are new to CMT, please choose “Create Account.” Otherwise, login to CMT.

Step 3. Once you log into CMT portal, you will see the “Conference List” page. Select “All Conferences” tab and type “IETATC2020” in the search box to find 27th Annual Technical Conference.
Step 4. Click on “27th Annual Technical Conference” and you will be directed to the “Author Console,” where you can create your submission.
Step 5. If you encounter any difficulty in a paper submission, please send an e-mail.